developing a custom approach for your business

  • How can I give recognition to the members of my team? 

  • How can I simplify communication with my clients

  • How can I minimize the loss of knowledge while facilitating access to information?


what is a collaboration platform anyways?

A collaboration platform is much more than just a simple tool. It provides a central location where you can suggest content, broadcast news, share training modules, etc. In other words, it’s a must in today’s fast-paced world!
Depending on their users, collaboration platforms can be divided into two categories. The first category consists of an intranet and internal tools that support processes in order to increase employee productivity. The second consists of an extranet, such as a member or client space, which helps businesses create links with their clients and partners. Of course, it’s also possible to connect the intranet and extranet together to create a complete ecosystem where all systems communicate with each other.

getting the most out of your platforms

Why should you set up an intranet, a member space or an extranet for your business? That’s easy—to promote collaboration and centralize information!
Internally, a collaboration platform fosters a sense of belonging among employees, enhances teamwork and even simplifies administrative management (pay stubs, schedules, equipment orders, etc.). In these ways, it can also help drive gains in efficiency.

And an external collaboration platform provides just as many benefits! A high-quality member space makes it possible to simplify communication with your clients, increase loyalty through personalized programs, develop a community through discussion forums and, in a more general way, improve your market position.