a transaction solution that lives up to your expectations

  • What digital strategy should I pursue and which technology platform should I choose?
  • How do I better inform consumers and attract them to my business?
  • How do I build bridges (APIs) between my different systems?

did you know that...

  • 64% of adults in Quebec made at least one online purchase in 2018.

  • 72% of internet users in Quebec have checked the inventory of a store online before going in person. 

It’s growing harder to dismiss the importance of eCommerce in some industries, such as retail trade. Rather than being fearful, we view this as a huge opportunity!

the current state of e-commerce

Over the past decade, eCommerce has changed a lot! For many companies, the time has come to improve the processes and tools that underlie their e-commerce sites and that’s exactly where our team comes in. Our goal is to build bridges between your different systems and facilitate data sharing with clients and suppliers. In other words, we’ll bring your transaction platform to another level by creating a digital ecosystem that will serve your business.

Libéo won’t let you make these 4 mistakes

  1. Having over 200,000 visitors in 1 day and crashing the server. Libéo has a Tier III server room with high availability.
  2. Reading comments from visitors who didn’t find what they were looking for in your online store. Libéo has a team of UI/UX designers who create ergonomic user experiences.
  3. Dealing with 3 different agencies with varying ideas and visions in order to meet all of your digital needs. Libéo has a vertically integrated service offering.
  4. Being tied to an expensive supplier because of a proprietary solution or outdated technology. Libéo works with open source technologies.