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It’s a fact—eCommerce has shifted many paradigms. Integrating the internet into business models has made distribution, logistics and communication processes more complex. And today, the need no longer lies in developing transaction platforms but rather in managing everything that goes on behind the scenes (inventory, supplier relations, client experience, etc.).


how to build a successful online business?

Setting up new digital tools for your online business will allow you to speed up communication with your employees. The exchanges with your suppliers and your customers will be more efficient and the information easier to share. It is by exploiting this multitude of new technologies (API, extranet, dashboard, customer portal, name it!) that you can redefine your own processes.

You can always choose to keep your current systems in place and have your business set in its ways. However, be aware that competition will certainly do the opposite. Indeed, digital transformation allows you to adapt to increasingly competitive environments and to take advantage of technologies to improve your operations and processes.

For your online business to be successful, you need to set up systems capable of supporting logistics, distribution and communication efforts. Converting and synchronizing in real time are then the 2 major objectives on which are based the needs of customer experience and connectivity. And that's good, these are two of our areas of expertise.

why choose Libéo?

We are committed to improving and simplifying the digital tools required for eCommerce. We will co-create innovative solutions with you to: 

  • simplify your logistics and inventory management,

  • simplify your communication process, and

  • maximize your customer journey.


maximizing your client experience

Thanks to our leading-edge expertise in user experience and our mastery of Design Sprint, we can also support you in improving your customer journey. After identifying the blockages that could potentially impact your touchpoints, we will create customized, innovative solutions with you in order to:

  • increase your conversion rate,
  • promote your brand image, and
  • strengthen your competitive advantages.

Find out about the strategic support we offer through Design Sprint


connecting systems in real-time

We focus on developing digital solutions to provide access to a wealth of information in real time. To align your entire digital ecosystem and connect the flows of your value chain, we will develop:

  • high-performance dashboards,
  • management systems,
  • transaction tools, and
  • gateway solutions for your current software.

And since we like to customize, the solutions we develop precisely meet your needs and those of users.

Find out about our development services

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how can we help? by simplifying your eCommerce management.

Do you know how to provide the best client experience? We do! You just need to have the right tools to fit with your reality. Building a smart digital ecosystem where everything is connected makes it possible to offer high-quality experiences. And to be honest, that’s our specialty!

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