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When people hear the term smart business, they think of Industry 4.0 first. However, the concept is actually much broader. While Industry 4.0 is mainly used to refer to manufacturing SMEs and the automation of their factories, smart business refers to all companies that are moving towards innovation.


what is a smart business?

The appearance of new digital technologies has significantly impacted businesses with regard to their competitiveness, investments and employee retention. However, using these new technologies to connect and synchronize various systems is what makes a business smart. This type of integration can be applied to all business functions from production and procurement to logistics, marketing and management. In other words, any organization can become smart!

Digital transformations trigger changes that improve your business by combining new digital technologies with new organizational strategies. The process is designed to encourage you to innovate to become a smart business.

why choose Libéo?

At Libéo, we value innovation and we have supported several companies in their digital transformation. We use the principles of co-creation and design digital solutions to:

  • centralize your communications,
  • improve your productivity and performance,
  • provide you with real-time access to your data,
  • strengthen your data security, and
  • make your digital tools simpler and more accessible.

support for your digital projects

Digital transformations can be accomplished using a (truly) effective method. Have you ever heard of Design Thinking? At Libéo, we follow the principles of this methodology when providing support and development services. However, we use a more applied version—Design Sprint—to help you prioritize your digital projects so that they fit into your digital transformation process.

Find out about the strategic support we offer through Design Sprint 


developing effective ecosystems

Did you know that it’s essential to connect systems to each other in order for each piece of information to be used to its full potential? At Libéo, we develop gateway or software solutions that result in fully integrated and connected digital ecosystems. To do so, we use open-source technology and develop high-level platforms and APIs.

We also develop collaboration platforms that revolve around the user experience. Our solutions are built around real issues and needs and make it possible to:

  • centralize information,
  • improve communication,
  • encourage collaboration between teams, and
  • strengthen the sense of belonging and company culture.

Find out about our development services

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how can we help? by making your business a smart business.

Transforming a business includes connecting everything that should be connected in order to improve collaboration. A digital transformation is also an opportunity to improve and start reaping the benefits of the powerful tools that exist today. But rather than going through these changes alone and risking losing your way, you can collaborate with a trusted team that knows how to prioritize. We are that team!

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