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At Libéo, we apply the principles of design thinking to help you implement integrated digital strategies that will simplify your digital transformation. It’s that simple!

Illustration with a stopwatch and post-its the tools of the Design Sprint
Illustration with a stopwatch and post-its the tools of the Design Sprint

from design thinking to design sprint

Design thinking is a way of structuring innovation that fosters collaboration between teams and makes it possible to create solutions that revolve around users. Since 2016, we have been using a more applied version: design sprint.

Design thinking is the ingredients,
 Design Sprint is the recipe.
Douglas Ferguson, Design Sprint Master

using design sprint to innovate and collaborate

Design sprint is based on the Google Venture methodology and is a practical process for solving problems. Over 5 days of workshops, our facilitators will help you to gain a thorough understanding of your business challenges and prioritize your digital projects according to your goals. These creative workshops also provide a space for collective intelligence and innovative ideas to emerge.

Design sprint is much more than a method; it’s actually a work philosophy that results in well-designed digital strategies and solutions that reflect the reality of your organization.

In other words, everyone should try it!

Photograph of two men reflecting over a sheet taken during a Design Sprint

design sprint objectives

In the context of a digital transformation or pure innovation, our design sprint approach can help you to:

  • Icon of a pair of binoculars to illustrate the discovery in Design Sprint discover new opportunities,
  • Light bulb icon to illustrate innovation in Design Sprint provide a framework for innovation through prototyping and user testing,
  • Magnifying glass icon to illustrate strategy in Design Sprint fine-tune your analysis of your business context, and
  • Icon of an open eye to illustrate the obvious in Design Sprint focus on the point of view of your users.

benefits of design sprint

A pure innovation approach and a digital transformation both have different needs. That’s why our facilitators have come up with 2 complimentary formulas based on what your goals are and where you are in your digital transformation.

Illustration Featuring a Hand Holding a Sheet and another Hand Pointing at a Digital Tablet to Illustrate a Design Sprint Workshop

design sprint for innovation

  • A clear, shared vision
  • A tested, validated prototype
  • User testing and results
Illustration of a brain to illustrate the level of thinking requested during the Design Sprint workshops

strategic design sprint

  • A clear, shared vision
  • Strategic alignment
  • Project planning
  • A realistic, specific timeline
  • An overall budget for the projects

what does a design sprint look like?

A method operates through a series of steps. Here is the typical route of a design sprint for innovation.

  • Illustration of a Diagram with Speech Bubbles and Arrows to Represent Design Sprint Monday
    Monday Understand
  • Illustration of a sheet and pen to represent Design Sprint Tuesday
    Tuesday Imagine
  • Illustration of a Hand Holding a Leaf to Represent Design Sprint Wednesday
    Wednesday Decide
  • Illustration of a pen on a sheet to represent Design Sprint Thursday
    Thursday Prototype
  • Illustration of a Man in Front of a Computer Screen to Represent Design Sprint Friday
    Friday Test

Going Further with the Design Sprint Academy™

Libéo is the official Canadian partner of the Design Sprint Academy in Berlin. Thanks to this credential, our facilitators are able to provide training sessions to introduce you to design sprint.

You will learn to how to implement new practices that promote collaboration within your team and quickly identify challenges and find innovative solutions while minimizing risk. 

Write to us to find out about our upcoming training sessions!

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