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Libéo, your web development agency specializing in the Django framework in Canada and Quebec. With more than 25 years of experience, we support large organizations in their digital projects using Django, the open source web framework that ensures speed, security and flexibility in the development of your web applications.

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Hundreds of digital products created with the Django framework and with the Django CMS and Django Wagtail CMS

Products welcoming millions of visitors per day

Durable products, which last over time and are always relevant

With Django framework and CMS based on it’s framework (Django CMS, Wagtail, etc.), Libéo can create tailor-made websites and digital applications to meet all your needs. Whether you want a new digital product, a collaborative intranet, a secure extranet or a powerful e-commerce platform we have the capability to simplify your complex business logic. Find out how Libéo can help you carry out your web project with Django.

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Django Framework, Django CMS and Wagtail expertise

Libéo offers you a complete service for the realization of your Django project. Our experts advise you on choosing the best solution for your digital product, support you in web design, development, ensure the implementation of your product and guarantee the proper functioning and maintenance of your website. With the Django framework, Django CMS, and Wagtail, you can:
  • Easy content management

    Easily manage your content thanks to an intuitive and customizable administration interface.

  • Comprehensive built-in features

    Define data models in Python code and the Django framework automatically handles the creation and management of corresponding database tables. Django stands out for its variety of built-in features.

  • Scalability at any time

    Predict developments. Scalability is important for any application because the load that an application handles continually increases. When adopting any tool or technology to build applications, scalability therefore holds great importance.

  • Active community and extensive resources

    Rely on the community. Django’s popularity has led to the building of a vibrant and engaged community that has contributed significantly to its success. As of October 2023, it has the support of a community of more than 118,000 members.

  • SEO-optimized URL structure and sitemap generation

    Django structures URLs in a clear, human-readable format, which is essential from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. Unlike cryptic query strings, Django allows developers to define URL patterns in the urls.py file.

  • Superb enhanced safety standards

    Benefit from enhanced security and optimal performance thanks to a robust and scalable architecture.

Libéo has carried out numerous Django projects for large Canadian companies in different sectors of activity. Discover some of our achievements.

Django Framework Expertise

Libéo is a web agency that stands out for its achievements with the Django framework. By entrusting your web project to Libéo, you benefit from optimal quality, performance and reliability for the implementation of digital products with Django. Libéo can also adapt your website to your sector of activity, whether in the field of manufacturing, education, tourism, culture or e-commerce. Libéo advises and supports you throughout your project with Django, providing you with its know-how and expertise. Libéo also assures you of impeccable quality and optimal performance of your digital product designed with the Django framework.

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