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Where digital happens

Since 1996, Libéo has been creating custom, high-performing apps and software that are known to last. Thanks to a unique combination of proven approaches and methodologies over the past two decades, Libeo greatly simplifies the creation of complex and customized digital products.


The reason for undergoing a digital transformation is to make your business more effective and competitive. It’s a complex process that calls for innovation and requires a trusted partner who can simplify your tools and ways of doing business.
We are that partner!

a vision that drives success

Our belief that the success of a digital transformation is based on 3 interrelated elements is what sets our team apart. When we begin a project, we commit to:


gaining a shared understanding of your business challenges through Design Sprint


simplifying your user experience


transforming and supporting your organization using digital


moving towards innovation, one step at a time

Since we like to keep things simple, we have developed an approach to find the best solution to your business challenges.

No matter the complexity or scale of your projects, we can support you using our — repeatedly-tested — 9-step approach.

experts in the most complex fields

We are proud of the expertise we hold in several sectors — including the most complex ones. Through our in-depth understanding of your challenges and our customized approach, we can identify and develop a solution that meets your needs.