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Where digital comes to life

For the past 25 years, Libéo has been creating custom software and applications that are high performance, durable and user-centric. No matter what your idea is, our experts can bring it to life!

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Libéo can unlock the full digital potential of your business through a unique combination of methodologies and approaches that have been tested and proven over the past two decades.

25 years
of expertise

Libéo’s heart has been beating to the rhythm of digital technology since 1996. Get to know an authentic, passionate company that keeps its finger on the pulse of your business issues in order to create innovative solutions.

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We’ll teach you the ropes in the digital world.

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Close-knit teams

At Libéo, our teams are autonomous, committed and have the success of their colleagues at heart. Come work with a team that is passionate about digital technology and will unleash the full potential of your talents!

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Valérie Lavoie
Director of Operations