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Design Sprint of digital projects

What is the Design Sprint for digital projects? Today, we're taking the time to explain it to you, from every angle!
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16 Nov, 2017
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What is the Design Sprint?

For 5 consecutive – and intensive – days, you will develop your idea, surrounded by experts from all fields of digital technology: from infrastructure administrators to web editors, including designers, programmers and project managers.

The workshops take various forms: diagramming, discussion, inspiration, investigation, analysis, synthesis, voting, prototyping and testing. A game plan serves as the basis for the sprint, but flexibility is welcome depending on the varying challenges of the projects.

The workshops are ideally all carried out in our offices so that we can easily have access to the various Libeo specialists, if necessary.

Schéma décomposant les différentes journées d'un Design Sprint

5 major stages, 5 days

And at the end of the week…

You will have in hand all the elements necessary to resolve your problem:

  • A clear and common vision of the problem and the issues
  • Different avenues for innovative solutions
  • The diagram of the most relevant solution (sketch and storyboard)
  • A prototype of the solution
  • The results of user tests carried out on the prototype

You will therefore be able to embark on the complete development of the solution with a clear vision and minimal risks.

Why sprint?

We choose our partners for their digital challenges, for unique projects that have an impact in their industry. Our clients understand that to stand out, you have to dare and create new solutions, truly adapted to the specific reality of the organization and its customers. Not necessarily reinventing the wheel, but accepting the fact that a company is unique, and that it is thanks to this uniqueness that it can grow in its market.

Yes, but…

To create these digital tools, for our clients to truly stand out in their market, we cannot simply adjust the design of a generic solution a little. We can’t ask serious companies to write us a blank check either.


We took the time to analyze 10 years of digital projects carried out by our team. We extracted the success factors of the most recognized projects, as well as the errors that led certain projects to less good results. The observation was striking: the desire for innovation, creativity, alignment with the real needs of organizations and the sharing of a common vision by all stakeholders make successful projects.

That’s why we created and tested a unique design methodology, adapted to digital, and we made it our guarantee of success.

An astonishing proposal

This is exactly what we offer you.

An intensive week of structured workshops surrounded by all the experts necessary for the design of a digital project. At the end of these workshops, you will have a clear and precise strategic and field vision, a game plan ready to be put into motion.

Based on an approach used since 2002 by Google Venture, the Design Sprint has been tested to solve hundreds of problems. We simply adapted it to our context and that of our clients.

Plusieurs photographies de personnes réalisant des ateliers d'idéation dans le cadre d'un Design Sprint

Some images of our Sprints

A logical proposition

It’s simple: digital projects that do not achieve their objectives have the choice of:

  • A lack of technical realism
  • A concept ill-adapted to digital reality
  • An unrealistic budget
  • An impossible deadline to meet
  • A vision that is too down to earth
  • Too abstract a vision

To ensure your digital project will be strong and achievable, we created the Design Sprint.

A solid guarantee: pay by result

Yes, we guarantee every day of the sprint. If at the end of a workshop day you are not satisfied with the progress or you do not see the added value of the work accomplished, you keep the deliverables and only pay the balance of the workshops completed, less the current day.

We want our method to propel you faster, further. We have no interest in forcing you to complete a process that you no longer believe in.

It’s as simple as that.

Several speakers focused on digital

Main speakers

They participate in the entire Design Sprint.

He is the conductor of the sprint. He selects the workshops according to the objectives, explains, motivates and manages time. His creative contribution should not be neglected, but it is above all in his way of carrying out the workshops that he will allow you to find the best solution to your problem.

Senior advisor
An expert in digital project management, he helps structure workshops and maintain the pace of work. In addition, its help is essential for evaluating budgets and schedules.

Digital Solution Architect
A technology specialist, he joins the team to determine the technical feasibility of solutions and find creative ways to use digital to achieve our objectives. He also contributes to evaluations and schedules.

User experience designer
Specialized in the design of solutions from an interface and user point of view, he will ensure that the proposed solutions comply with industry best practices. He is a creative person who knows both the technical aspects of digital technology, but also the human factors that make a technological solution successful.

Support speakers

These experts come to contribute during certain workshops only.

Interface designer
As an interface designer, his mandate is to help create the prototype of the solution. He is mainly involved in the prototyping stage, but his knowledge of digital interactivity can also be very useful in the ideation stages.

Digital Design Advisors
In our sprint method, several strategists will be involved during the workshops. Some have a more technical profile, others focused on communications and marketing. Their role is to make the link between digital trends, business opportunities, customers and your internal issues.

E-Business Strategist
He is a very experienced profile who has a creative and structured vision of business opportunities in digital environments. Its objective is to structure the solution to increase its profitability. He will also be responsible for targeting the impacts of the solution in your current field operations.

And now?

All of our Design Sprints have enabled organizations to innovate faster, reduce their R&D risk and stand out. On your marks…

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Quelques-uns de nos Sprinters

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