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What are the benefits of working with an experienced digital firm?

Discover the top reasons to partner up with an experienced digital firm for your next major project.
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12 Apr, 2021
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No one wants to fail—nor lose huge sums of money or launch a digital product that is quickly forgotten.

How do you stack the odds in your favor? By choosing a partner with a rich history in the industry and that can provide you some much needed peace of mind.

Here’s the key benefits of working with an experienced digital firm to build your online legacy.

Proven methodology

An experienced digital firm knows how to drive projects forward to ensure their success.

Historical intelligence, the company’s collective memory allows us to develop increasingly efficient processes for the customer.

We have an organic need to make everyone’s job easier. This same need is reflected in all our decisions. As a result, the processes enjoy an enviable maturity and are always optimized. The client benefits enormously with a project that is easier to develop with no compromise.

As previously mentioned, the agile development method is a major distinguishing feature. Offering a flexible framework is one of the keys to a successful and up-to-date digital project. This malleability, which is unique to us, cannot be offered on the same scale within a less experienced company.

Long-term strategic support

An experienced digital firm like Libéo doesn’t just deliver projects and move on to the next.

It moves away from the role of executor and instead positions itself as a strong partner, even after the project has been launched.

In part thanks to Design Thinking, we are able to go way beyond what a simple technological partner can.

Maturity also fuels a critical mindset. In this sense, we are not afraid to question several aspects of development to ensure their relevance. If a client’s idea is not optimal or ends up not being a priority in order to achieve their business goals, we will not hesitate to point it out and reposition it in a future project.

As industry veterans who want to offer more, we decided to blur the distinction between business and technology to align the two concepts.

One of the main advantages of working with an experienced firm such as Libéo is the short, medium and long-term support provided to the client.

We are building true digital monuments that must be durable, efficient and secure.

To achieve this, it is important to have an evolving global vision that ensures the sustainability of projects, and to never lose sight of this vision. We must understand the client’s issues, its market and its users.

-Joé Bussière, CEO of Libéo

The main takeaway is to continue to support the client even after the launch of its digital solution. There aren’t only project managers and developers involved, but also consulting managers and strategists. They aim for sustainable, tailor-made systems that best suit your substantial investment.

An unparalleled team of experts

Experience cannot be bought.

A project’s success is intimately linked to the know-how of the team behind it.

An experienced team with a strong work ethic allows you to deal with such events as employee departures or vacations, with a certain degree of ease. This minimizes the risks associated with your project.

In addition, a mature business like Libéo comes with a rigorous hiring process allowing us to select only the best candidates for the jobs. The strength and prestige of our name also favors quality candidates.

In a younger company, the hiring process is often less selective, as time flies: projects come and go.

We can rely on an unbelievable team spirit with a ton of specializations. Our chemistry is palpable; employees know how to work together.

This translates into an increase in the speed and quality of the final product through the use of common tools.

In a so-called young organization, employees are fewer in number and wear many hats. They are labeled as generalists. This is in contrast to an experienced firm, which has several types of seasoned experts assigned to specific positions.

The latter are willing to put in the work without any negative impact on the digital project.

The depth of a team adds an element of resilience in the face of the various challenges that are bound to surface with any digital project.

Key takeaways from an experienced digital firm

An experienced digital firm is your ticket to avoid a hefty future technology debt.

Achieving high-performance, high load projects requires a different approach, one that is backed by a proven methodology.

The strength of a close-knit, expert team facilitates the development and delivery of your digital project. Each professional can be described as highly skilled in his or her field and has a specific role to play within the organization.

Strategic coaching leaves room to a much more intimate collaboration. One best defined as future-proof where we show our adaptation skills along the way rather than delivering one product and moving on to the next in quick succession.

The experienced digital firm ensures a better return on investment, as you will be able to build a long-term relationship with a partner who has a better understanding of your business issues.

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