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Konek.ai—Smart Hotel Rooms

Hotels of any size can now use Konek.ai to provide guests with a connected experience that rivals that of the largest hotels. And that’s without investing millions of dollars in R&D! Does it sound too good to be true?
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29 May, 2018

The Konek.ai concept is actually simple. In most hotels, all the systems are separate, including televisions, radios, Wi-Fi, advertising, management, etc. That’s what Konek.ai changes—everything.


Konek.ai is a platform that centralizes hotel technology, including Wi-Fi, television and telephony. Its goal is to revolutionize the hotel and tourism industry by combining data and technology. By bundling essential technology services, Konek.ai allows hotels to:

  • achieve cost savings
  • gain access to guest data, which is currently in the hands of online travel agencies
  • acquire new tools to better serve their customers

Konek.ai functions as a hub that provides hotels with new ways to serve their customers. This is possible because Konek.ai can be used to customize interactions with televisions, Wi-Fi, VoIP, audio and the hotel Property Management System (PMS) from anywhere in the hotel.

By reducing the costs associated with these services, Konek.ai makes hotels more competitive in a context where online travel agencies (Expedia, Priceline, etc.) are eroding profitability but continuing to gain market share. Simplifying and improving hotel connectivity while helping to build customer knowledge and loyalty will also have a major impact on the destination’s reputation. That leads us to the main point of the idea—giving hotels back control over their data. Gaining a better understanding of their guests gives hotels the opportunity to customize their services, adapt them more effectively and become more competitive. Due to cost savings and data collection, the tool invented by Konek.ai is innovative and indispensable for a large part of the hotel industry.

Konek.ai can also take over the home automation system in a hotel, which means that there are many years of innovation ahead for the hotel industry.

Konek.ai is already in operation

Konek.ai has already been rolled out in 3 hotels (in hundreds of rooms) and the results are extremely encouraging. We are continuing product development using an iterative process and our objectives are ambitious (1,000 hotels by 2024)!

The future 

Konek.ai is for hotels that want to give their guests a modern experience. Once the Konek.ai box is in a room, it has a wide range of possible uses. Here’s what our product development roadmap looks like:

  • Allows users to listen to radio and eventually video on demand
  • Connects the room to the guest’s mobile phone using an application
  • Broadcasts customized special offers live
  • Connects the room to the hotel PMS for seamless management
  • Displays the Konek.ai interface in the guest’s language upon arrival
  • Provides VoIP telephony in the room
  • Manages room cleaning

Now, let’s get creative: imagine a guest who can easily control room lighting, temperature, access and mood—straight from their mobile phone. That’s right. We’re creating the hotel room of the future at a reasonable cost using a system that’s easy to set up.

Made by Libéo from start to finish

When Konek.ai was founded, a partnership was created with our team to develop the technology platform behind it. The combination of specialized knowledge in the hospitality and tourism industry with Libéo’s expertise in technological innovation made Konek.ai a success.

A wealth of expertise

From the idea phase straight through to programming and selecting technical components, Konek.ai was fully created by our team. We even held a 3D printing workshop to manufacture the boxes! The printers continuously make the parts needed to assemble a Konek.ai box.

When we tell our partners that Libéo specializes in technology and that we know how to apply our talent to any challenge—well, that’s the proof! Our team optimized the 3D printers, found the correct chips and programmed them, designed the Konek.ai box and then created a business model that is perfectly tailored to the hotel industry. All of this takes time but our team’s ability to learn also gives us a major advantage: we can apply the knowledge we acquire from other business sectors when we design solutions. In fact, cross-disciplinary knowledge is essential for innovation.

Konek.ai provides the hotel industry with a unique opportunity to bring cutting-edge technologies to the customer experience. Over the next few months, we will optimize the system and roll out new features to everyone who has dared to take a step into the future with us.

Our true passion for startups and innovation

Konek.ai is actually not Libéo’s first startup. In fact, due to our team’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, we’re also proud to have launched TIKK, a web platform for organizing sporting events. In addition, Joé Bussière, President of Libéo, has taken the time to explain our course of development, biggest achievements and future projects. Read all about it here.

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