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Libéo : agence web à Montréal & Québec.

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8 Jan, 2020

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With over 25 years of experience in the digital field and prestigious clients, Libéo is a pioneer in the digital space in Quebec.

Although our reputation is built on creating complex websites (such as TYPO3, Drupal, Laravel or WordPress), that’s not all we do. We are digital specialists, shaping all kinds of applications and custom software that are high-performing, durable, and user-centered.

Software Development for Local Businesses

Libéo has spent more than two decades developing web applications for major local organizations, and we are proud of it. For us, these are partners with whom we co-create and co-idealize digital products. Our passion for digital technology would not exist without these organizations that aim to unleash the full potential of digital technology. Their complex business logic and realities drive and inspire us every day to de-risk innovative and sustainable solutions. We do not claim to know everything. We understand that our partners are the experts in their fields and that only together can we go further. See for yourself.

We are confident that our proven methodologies will continue to advance local businesses for a long time. Digital technology is an integral part of our modern lives, and we wish to support Canadian organizations in achieving their ambitions.

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Custom Development (Application, IoT, AI, Custom Software, etc.)

Do you have a puzzle, a problem, or a complex business issue to solve, and you know the solution isn’t just a simple website? While we have established a solid reputation in web platform development, our strength also lies in the more complex development of custom applications.

Over time, we have created more than 500 digital products and web projects. Whether it’s designing e-commerce platforms, large-scale applications, or redesigning a website with a new brand image, we have a story to tell. Even in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT): did you know that we won the Radio-Canada hackathon with an AI solution and founded a successful startup thanks to an innovative IoT product?

The success behind our development and digital strategies? A proven methodology, tested and recognized by our peers, and the application of best practices in web development. Our unique approach, centered on your users, creates an optimal development environment that allows us to quickly deliver value to your digital projects.

Custom Website Design

Creating websites is an art that deserves to be well practiced. Web platforms are assets that you own and that deserve to be maintained, to experience their evolutions and updates. Web development is often central to your business logic, which is why it needs to be handled by a team of experts.

Libéo is composed of more than fifteen different professions that put their expertise to work for your success. Our team of digital strategy, web design, consulting services, hosting specialists, and developers make our clients’ digital products shine daily.

The Best Digital Marketing Strategies

In the digital world, the best strategy is often a custom strategy. Whether you are looking to convert new customers or increase your retention rate, it is imperative that your product or service meets the expectations of your users.

There is no “one size fits all” in web marketing. Unlike the marketing agency approach, we advocate a targeted approach to your realities that will match your market’s challenges rather than a massive investment in social media advertising.

For example, should your digital product be accessible? Have you ever thought about accessibility standards? Did you know that all public and parapublic companies must comply with rigorous standards and graphic laws so that their website is accessible to all to offer a similar customer experience for everyone? Is this the case for you?

Our decisions are made based on informed reflections, data analysis, and user testing. We take nothing for granted. That’s why, as a web agency, we prefer to work with the agile methodology. Of course, we believe that the best marketing is a flawless product or service. Developing this product/service is, therefore, the key to standing out and performing in the market.


Libéo offers several services, including web hosting. We don’t just create “WordPress showcase sites and WordPress hosting.” Far from it. We specialize in designing durable, user-centered, high-performance digital products and hosting them.

Thanks to our expert team and fast, efficient technical support, you always benefit from the best web host in Canada. Moreover, Libéo offers almost unmatched uptime and hardware redundancy in the Canadian market.

Libéo has data centers where you can choose dedicated servers for your websites or even shared hosting.


SEO, this Pandora’s box, is now part of almost every company’s marketing strategy. Everyone tries to rank first in search engines, wants to do paid referencing, and seeks to rank for the right keywords. Chances are you are currently reading this article because you Googled “Web agency.” If so, mission accomplished! You now have proof that we implement natural referencing in our web programming and web strategies to increase your conversion rates. Indeed, our digital products are built with strong SEO foundations. For the rest, we have trusted partners who are there to help you achieve your goals.

All these buzzwords are very interesting, but your digital strategy cannot be based solely on search engines and your blog. Your product or service must meet user expectations and aim for the long term. Your Google Ads (AdWords) or social media advertising efforts will be useless if you do not have a digital product capable of converting.

To have high-performing websites, we advocate an iterative approach in which your product or service will evolve in symbiosis with convincing results.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to contact our digital experts to find out what the next step is for you or to subscribe to our newsletter.

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