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42 Québec: A new approach to digital training

Find out why Libéo has high hopes for this accelerated programming curriculum that meets specific needs in Quebec’s digital sector.
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29 Mar, 2021
42 Québec formation numérique

The world is changing and teaching methods must change with it. Created out of a desire to make digital an opportunity for everyone, everywhere, the 42 network of schools has been offering programming training that is 100% free and accessible to everyone since 2013. Founded by French entrepreneur Xavier Niel, this initiative aims to democratize the IT sector. Of course, the main idea is to address the shortage of digital talent; however, the schools also encourage people to dive into the world of coding without the usual barriers. That is the spirit in which 42 Québec was created, joining the 20 partner campuses of the 42 network around the world. This forward-looking school is based on a quick, focused learning model and was set up by Québec Numérique. The school is also a non-profit organization (NPO) and receives significant funding ($5 million) from the Quebec government in collaboration with the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT).

A new vision adapted to 2021

Training a new generation of programming professionals is helping to meet the strong demand in the digital sector. For 42 Québec, the existing solutions were not enough. The “old” way of doing things put forward by institutions was no longer adequate. So how is 42 Québec changing the game? It has two significant differences from other digital training programs.

  • A unique approach to learning

The innovative curriculum of 42 Québec is based on a spirit of mutual aid and does not include lectures. It goes straight to the point and invites participants to dive right into the world of programming.

  • The gamification of digital training

To keep its students motivated, 42 Québec has adopted a game-based model. The model is inspired by the concept of a video game with challenging quests, where the steps are levels to be completed. Each person earns experience points linked the core competencies of the profession and the feeling of progress becomes a powerful motivator that drives success. The method is proven and has been successful elsewhere: just take a look at Classcraft!

Libéo, proud partner of 42 Québec

The 42 Québec training program is as innovative as it gets and aims to bring the next generation of professionals into the leading-edge programming field. Since Libéo is also motivated by a real desire to promote the web programming profession in the province, joining forces was an easy decision. For Joé Bussière, President of Libéo and member of the Board of Directors of Québec Numérique, this partnership is very important. After visiting 42 Paris in fall 2018, he immediately understood the value of this special and unique space.

I am very proud to have contributed to bringing 42 to Quebec City. The concept has been tested over several years and the calibre of the graduates of the 42 training program is exceptional.

—Joé Bussière, President of Libéo

A bright future for digital training thanks to 42 Québec

We believe that the 42 Québec training program has come at the right moment. According to Jean-Philippe Auclair, Director of Innovation and Technology at Libéo, our collaboration with the school provides a number of important advantages.

In addition to helping to retain talent in our region, the school will make it possible to train more people by attracting those with atypical profiles. The training program encourages women to pursue training in IT, and the strength of its network provides a lot of visibility.

—Jean-Philippe Auclair, Director of Innovation and Technology at Libéo

This improved accessibility will translate into new opportunities within the digital industry. Due to its practical approach and game-based atmosphere, 42 Québec is bound to attract passionate people. And that’s a quality that our team at Libéo thrives off of and that is sure to draw the attention of digital firms. In that sense, the job opportunities for the 42 Québec students are already excellent. The training program arose from a real need and its game plan has been prepared accordingly. The fat has been trimmed, so to speak, to deliver concrete results without lowering quality standards. Here are a few reasons why 42 Québec is a project that is different yet perfectly aligned with our values:

  • An adaptable and flexible teaching approach
  • A collaborative training program
  • Training that challenges the status quo
  • A personalized and community-based approach: the strength of the network
  • Innovation, creativity, going above and beyond and daring are encouraged
  • An inclusive school that is accessible to all
  • Promotes local talent retention

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