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Recap Collision 2023

This year, artificial intelligence was on everyone's lips. All the conferences mentioned it. From recruitment, branding, development and even toothbrushes!
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6 Jul, 2023

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3 Key takeaways from Collision 2023

Collision Conf is the largest tech event in North America. It gathers a host of globally renowned individuals to discuss the latest advancements in the sector. It’s also a place for exchange, sharing, and discovery where the community comes to test their avant-garde ideas.

This year, artificial intelligence was a hot topic on everyone’s lips. All the conferences mentioned it, covering areas from recruitment and branding to development and even toothbrushes!

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, it was clear that this is a subject that scares many people, and rightly so. Currently, there is an overabundance of information on the topic, and the associated articles are as polarizing as they are varied. Although we are not here to discuss AI in detail, we aim to highlight how to integrate it into your business reality, talk about the main driver of change, and present solutions for implementing these changes.

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Digital transformation precedes AI integration

As the saying put it so well, there’s no point in running, you have to start in good time. It has never been more true than in this golden age of AI.

Every day, our advisors respond to requests regarding artificial intelligence. Several are founded. These people need AI, but not at the stage they are at. It is important, even essential, to leave on time. The buzz and promises that AI offers have everyone running towards this “miracle” solution. You still need to have reached a certain digital maturity in order to really benefit from this technology. Did you know that even today, 60 to 80% of AI projects end in failure? Even in the golden age of AI we must learn to start on time. That is to say, to start developing efficient, user-centered and sustainable digital products.

People: your best chance to succeed in your changes

We tend to forget that it is the human who is behind all this noise that AI makes. If you ask ChatGPT how much a Big Mac costs, it will probably say something like:

As an AI model, I do not have access to the internet to check current prices.

Why do you think? Simply because the Open AI team has put parameters in place to limit and regulate the responses that ChatGPT provides you. Because if they wanted, ChatGPT could give you that answer. After all, he has been connected to the internet and can search since May 2023.

At Collision, everyone agreed that it is the people within your organization who will enable you to succeed in your technological changes as well as the people you will choose to support you and who will make your projects a success.

If you want to start a major digital project, first ask these questions:

  1. How integrated is digital into my business?
  2. How often do leaders talk about digital?
  3. How digitally fluent are my colleagues (human resources)?
  4. What problem are you trying to solve?
  5. Is the AI really efficient in achieving my objective?

Everyone needs help

Everyone needs help. Even the largest organizations need help. It is important to seek out the expertise that you do not have. This is also what Niraj Shah, co-founder & CEO at Wayfair, advocated.

Niraj mentioned that by seeking help you do not have to worry about recruiting and training additional staff or investing in expensive infrastructure. This allows you to concentrate on your main activities while letting the experts take care of the specialized part.

For example, on the web, 62% of searches done on Google do not convert into clicks! Therefore, it reduces the number of visitors accessing your website. So the value of each individual visit becomes more and more important. It therefore becomes crucial to call on user experience (UX) experts to optimize that of your website. With the democratization of generative AI, more and more “0 click search” will be done. User experience will have increasing importance in retaining visitors to your site.

In conclusion

The lessons from Collision 2023 reveal three important truths: digital transformation precedes the integration of AI, humans are essential to any technological evolution and external expertise is sometimes necessary to support these changes.

AI is a promising solution, but it can only be effective when your business is ready for it. To take stock of your current digital position, consider your options and plan your next step. If you’re planing to do web development,  do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to support you in this ever-changing technological landscape to enable you to unlock your full digital potential.


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