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Digital News - April 2020

Here is a bit of reading while you are confined!
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1 Apr, 2020
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In this particular month of April 2020, we are happy to share some articles that we particularly liked. We will discuss techno and design in any particular order!

Here is a bit of reading while you are confined!

Are we turning towards a virtual economy?

As you can see, the spread of COVID-19 has profound impacts on the way we interact with others in our businesses. What if when we return to normal, it is no longer just a question of digital transformation but virtualization of our economies? Find out what the virtual economy is and how the dematerialization of economic interactions in our society will benefit virtual activities.

To consult on Strategies. (French only)

All the lies about disruptive innovation

The threats and opportunities of a disruptive innovation are among the few big ideas in management that the majority know. Yet, according to Scott Anthony, author for the MIT Sloan Management Review, executives continue to believe that their biggest and most profitable customers are their best source of information, that historical data paints a picture of the future, that in the face of uncertainty, it’s riskier to act than to not act and that their shareholders won’t invest in something new if it puts current returns at risk.

Listen to the podcast on Sloan Review.

COVID-19: An unexpected catalyst in adoption of technologies

Challenges arising from the spread of the new coronavirus are likely to accelerate the use of technologies as digital connectivity takes even more of a hold on everyday habits. Will we see increased online usage or the addition of new technologies, tools and software? Nielsen expects consumers may have greater motivations and fewer perceived barriers to more actively seek technology-enabled solutions to assist in everyday tasks.

Read more on Nielsen.

The changing nature of product teams

Clearleft hosted its third morning of debate on the theme “From idea to delivery”. The panel discussed how product teams can balance their daily tasks with innovation. They found that team structure plays a key role. See during their discussion how to juggle the two poles of improving the customer experience: discover new things or generate income?

To watch on Clearleft.

Maintain customer loyalty and trust in times of uncertainty

Businesses are rightly concerned about the impact that the pandemic can have on customer relationships. The situation puts loyalty and trust to test. Now is the time for businesses to look to the future, to consider the improved and innovative offerings that they can launch on the market NOW that will meet the needs of customers TODAY. By letting customers know that their interests and needs are important, businesses can fuel consumer engagement.

All the tips on Deloitte.

COVID-19, virtual economy and disruptive innovation … these April 2020 readings are enough to kick off your month!

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