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Digital News — August 2020

Here is a bit of reading at the beginning of the month of the Perseids!
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5 Aug, 2020
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For this month of August 2020,

we are happy to share some articles that we particularly liked. We will discuss techno and design in any particular order!

Here is a bit of reading at the beginning of the month of the Perseids!

Some data on telecommuting at Microsoft

Driven by empathy and curiosity about employees’ adaptability, Microsoft’s research reveals how standards have changed rapidly, how collaboration has evolved, and how managers have supported and engaged their teams entirely remotely.

To discover on HBR.

How to convince companies that UX and accessibility are a priority

In this short video, Jakob Nielsen talks about his conference at the Virtual UX event. He discusses the best ways to convince companies to take the importance of user experience, usability of a digital solution and accessibility seriously.

Watch it on NNGroup.

How to define your company’s data analytics capabilities

What capabilities need to stay centralized and what needs to be decentralized for an organization to become more efficient in its data analytics journey? Discover several tips for your infrastructure, your data pipeline and how to properly conduct your analyzes.

To consult on Hackernoon.

Do you have your remotely Design Sprint guide?

If you fancy testing Design Sprint workshops remotely, this guide is a good tool to consider. It offers a host of tips and advice for adapting the Design Sprint methodology remotely.

Read here.

The future of post-Covid-19 digital transformation

The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the willingness and need of organizations to embrace new technologies, but it has also added to the complexity. Through the various technical and logistical obstacles, trust would be the keystone of digital transformation.

All advice on Forbes.

UX, digital transformation and accessibility … these August 2020 readings are sure to kick off your month!

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