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blogue | Digital News | Digital News- December 2020

Digital News- December 2020

Each month, we are happy to share with you some articles that we particularly liked. In order and disorder, we approach techno and design! Here is a little reading as the holidays approach!
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4 Dec, 2020
digital news - December 2020

In our digital news for December 2020, we are pleased to share a few articles that we particularly liked. In order and disorder, we approach techno and design!

Here’s a bit of reading as we head into the holiday season!

Interview Journal le Soleil | Managing the crisis : Libéo, remote work even after the pandemic.

“Because we were in digital technology, we had an advantage. But we were lucky. As we had already anticipated remote work and had made a shift in this way of doing things, we were already ready.(…) Everyone already had a laptop and our systems support them.” comments Joé Bussière, President of Libéo.

Read the full interview here!

Blog | Our top articles

🔵 How to introduce good data governance

🔵 Libéo looks to the future and adapts its corporate culture

🔵 Design thinking, not just for designers

🔵 How to develop a customer journey card

Articles | which have aroused our interest

🔵 Intelligence: A Threat to Couche-Tard

🔵 Open-source use goes up while the economy goes down

🔵 How to be a great people analytics

Back to our events |

Connect | Digital Transformation Expo

As a partner, Libéo took the opportunity to take part in the Connexion event last November. During these 3 days of virtual networking, we had the opportunity to lead 4 interactive workshops and a conference! Several terms were discussed, circulating around our service offer. Did you miss the event?

👉 Watch Joé Bussière’s talk on the importance of finding the right partner for a successful digital transformation.

Ask us anything |on investment and digital transformation

Last October, we held a virtual and interactive conference in a limited format.The goal was to foster stimulating exchanges. To enable those who wish to obtain concrete answers on good practices and questions, in order to succeed in its digital transformation. The formula was a success. To follow for 2021!

👉Read more here !

Book of the month | No Rules Rule : Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

from Reed Hastings et Erin Meyer.

“This book was literally written in pairs. A chapter can begin with Reed and conclude with Erin’s comments. This makes the formula innovative and interesting. This method is particularly suitable for this kind of book. When the “theorist” validates an entrepreneur’s field experience. “

-Alexandre Limoges, Associate at Libéo Montreal

Discover our feedback.

In conclusion, immerse yourself in business and techno reading during the holidays, watch our lecture given as part of our first virtual event, learn more about the evolution of teleworking… These readings of the digital news of December 2020 are enough to launch the winter holiday season!

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