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Digital News - July 2020

Here is a bit of reading at the start of summer vacation!
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4 min
1 Jul, 2020
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For this month of July 2020,

we are happy to share some articles that we particularly liked. We will discuss techno and design in any particular order!

Here is a bit of reading at the start of summer vacation!

Tackling data protection

We just love this podcast! Discover in this episode Vanessa Henri, lawyer at Fasken. She specializes in data protection law and advises many startups on privacy and information security.

Podcast on URelles. (In French only)

How to integrate IoT and data analysis into your business?

If we consider all the features contained in devices these days, we see that all these elements can collect valuable data. The nature of IoT makes this collecting and sharing of data even more potent, as devices can share information between each other and aggregate newly married data with even greater potential for change and improvement.

Advice on Forbes.

How can governments benefit from the digital transformation?

This short video presents how the digital transformation of society will bring several changes in the world of work. The massive and rapid introduction of digital technologies, the evolution of skills, the evolution of employees, the evolution of certain job titles and finally, the tendency to break down administrative silos will be benefits for governments.

Watch it here. (In French only)

Communicate changes throughout the buyer’s journey

The pandemic has affected all industries, but its effect on ecommerce is particularly impactful for both retailers and consumers. Consumers, now sheltering in place, are pressed to get household necessities online, as they limit trips to local stores. As a result, online demand has increased tremendously with no warning, leaving retailers scrambling to adapt supply-chain and fulfillment operations to the new reality. Then, how should stores inform their customers of the resulting service changes? What communications should be transmitted and on what channels?

Discover it on NNgroup.

Infographics to improve SEO

Infographics have been an increasingly popular marketing tool in recent years. Not only do they create visually engaging content, but they can also drive engagement on social media and help improve search engine optimization for your website.

All the details on Hackernoon.

IoT, data management or digital transformation … these readings for July 2020 are enough to kick off your summer!

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