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Digital News - June 2020

Here is a bit of reading during the first heatwave!
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1 Jun, 2020
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For this month of June 2020,

we are happy to share some articles that we particularly liked. We will discuss techno and design in any particular order!

Here is a bit of reading during the first heatwave!

How can Canada build a digital government for the future?

The government has spent billions of dollars to support Canadians affected by the COVID-19 crisis, almost entirely through digital channels. Listen to this conversation on how to take advantage of this crisis to digitally revolutionize government services.

Podcast on RBC Disruptors.

Don’t let your company’s intranet become a tote drawer

No matter what you have in your famous tote drawer, one thing’s for sure: it’s disorganized. Unfortunately, the same can often be said for a poorly managed corporate intranet: the system becomes a dumping ground for content. Basically, an intranet should connect the teams. This is particularly important today, when an unprecedented number of people are teleworking. How to review it?

Advice on HBR.

Tools to run UX workshops remotely

How to maximize the participation of the team and the value of the result when managing a UX workshop remotely? This video presents different platforms which have advantages according to your situation and your needs.

Watch it on NNGroup.

In times of crisis, let the experimentation of your business flourish

The crisis has forced leaders to develop quick fixes to allow some of their operations to continue. In doing so, they should avoid adopting an incrementalist approach and allow their experimentation to flourish. Then, how should companies plan ahead?

To discover on Forbes.

Study on local purchasing in Quebec

Did you know that 27% of Quebecers have already increased the proportion of their local purchases since the start of the crisis? Discover the very first study on local purchasing in Quebec. What is a so-called local business? A local product? What is the perception of Quebecers in this regard, and above all, what will be their real behaviors at the time of the recovery?

All the details on Leger360 (french only).

Digital government, intranet, user experience … these readings for June 2020 are sure to kick off your month!

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