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Digital News - May 2020

Here is a bit of reading while you are still confined (but not for too long)!
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4 May, 2020
À lire ce mois-ci en mai 2020

For May 2020, we are happy to share some articles that we particularly liked. We will discuss techno and design in any particular order!

Here is a bit of reading while you are still confined (but not for too long)!

COVID-19, security and ethics

Geolocation, risk management, data governance… In the fight against COVID-19, using data can be one of the solutions. However, ethical questions must be a priority. How can we protect people without violating their personal life? Discover reflexions on it in this article.

Read on Policy Options.

Our past life, a new myth?

Being full-time at work, will it be a utopia after the crisis? 3 studies conclude that recovering entirely our work situation will not be possible for a long time. More than that, your employees are changing their habits and working from home may become the standard.

Discover on Le MagIT (French only).

Push your video promotion thanks to YouTube Video Builder

Discover this new free tool, YouTube Video Builder, to help you build strong and engaged videos for your brand. From your home, become a real producer… In the actual context, it could be an impressive advantage!

Read on Blog du Modérateur (French only).

How UX can help medical research?

Jakob Nielsen answers that question and explains how user experience can help fighting COVID-19. By providing efficient tools to researchers, UX can help them in their studies and improve their daily performance.

Watch on Nielsen.

Improve your customer loyalty by using blockchain

In the uncertain context that we know today, organizations must work on their loyalty programs. Like all marketing domain, loyalty can be improved by innovation. Blockchain can be an avenue for that. Discover how to use it!

Discover on Forbes.

Blockchain, COVID-19 and advertising … these May 2020 readings are sure to kick off your month!

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