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Digital News - November 2019

Every month, we are happy to share some articles that we particularly liked. We will discuss techno and design in any particular order!
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4 Nov, 2019
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Here is a bit of reading to stay inspired even when November is showing up.

The Big Reasons That Digital Transformations Fail

Why some digital transformations fail ? Many industries invest a lot of money in different digital initiatives yet most of the leaders reported poor returns on those investments. Why ? The primary reason is unsuccessful efforts to scale digital innovations beyond early pilot work.The digital transformation must be done step by step with top managers on the same page who agree on what to prioritize and how to measure progress.

Very complete article not to be missed by Harvard Business.

Five Rules for Leading in a Digital World

To thrive in this increasing speed of change in a business environment where the amount of data generated doubles every two years, organizations must have innovative leaders. In addition to possessing the skills necessary to keep up, these leaders must create flexible teams that collaborate effectively, cultivate those skills in others, give their team autonomy while providing essential support and inspire their organizations to solve big challenges. In a rapidly changing world, people need to know who is leading them.

Check out all the tips on Sloan Review.


Do you know people who left offices behind ? They now work from anywhere and everywhere. This freelance movement is gaining popularity exponentially in recent years. From Buenos Aires to Marrakech, WiFinders spotlights these independent micro-entrepreneurs who are reshaping their communities.

To learn more, listen to this web series by MailChimp.

Next Big Trends in Software Development

Over the last few years, advances in software development have led to major developments, from cloud information to artificial intelligence. As experts in their field, the members of Forbes Technology Council are always looking ahead to understand the “next big thing” in tech. If I say “automated evaluation of the quality of the code” or “motion UI” does it intrigue you? Here’s what they had to say for upcoming trends in software development.

To read on Forbes.

Helping Your Team Feel the Purpose

Purpose is a grand word, but in the end, it’s about helping people see their impact on others and helping them develop a story about why they love what they do. What if I told you that there is a recipe to make your teams more engaged, innovative and productive? In fact, it’s very simple: people want to feel inspired, find meaning. No matter what field you work in, it is proven that if you understand the cause and effect of your progress, you will be more motivated!

More on Harvard Business.

Digital transformation and software development … these readings in November 2019 will kick off your month!

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