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Digital News — November 2020

Here is a bit of reading during the first snow!
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4 Nov, 2020
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In the digital news for November 2020, we are happy to share some articles that we particularly liked. We will discuss techno and design in any particular order!

Here is a bit of reading during the first snow!

How do you stay creative when life seems monotonous?

In the past months, Covid-19 virus has continued to spread. Now, working from home has gone from new to mainstream. Do we have to resign ourselves to a growing lack of creativity in our work and in our life? No!

Here is some creative advice on HBR.

The 5 types of online shoppers

Research with people who shop online has identified 5 main types of behaviour focus on the products purchased, navigation or even on how people search. Discover in this video that each type of behaviour benefits from different elements in their user experience.

To watch on NN Group.

16 ways to bridge the gap between your IT department and sales

This article offers tips for breaking down the silos that can develop between sales teams and IT teams. How do you keep in view the goal of meeting customer needs? Discover great recommendations to change the way your team members work together.

To read on  Forbes.

Artificial intelligence accessible to SMES

You are wondering where to start when it comes to integrating AI technology for the benefits of your marketing strategy and your sales? See in this podcast how to anchor AI wisely.

To watch on Les Affaires

Creating the space to reinvent yourself

At the dawn of our participation in the trade show Connexion – digital transformation, see how the field of technologies begins to integrate into the world of events in a virtual mode.

To read on Infopresse

Make your events a success in virtual mode, ensure creativity in times of COVID, understand your consumers’ behavior and teamwork between IT and salespeople … These November 2020 readings are sure to kick off your winter!

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