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blogue | La vie chez Libéo | The demo day: the pride of a job well done

The demo day: the pride of a job well done

Come discover our "demo day". Inspired by our Agile practices, our teams have established a monthly "demo" day during which all members of the company meet at our offices in Quebec or Montreal, in person or virtually.
Photo de Florence St-Hilaire
Florence St-Hilaire
1 min
January 26, 2023
démo mensuelle agile
A member of the Libéo team present at the Demo Day

Libéo is a large team spread across the province that daily handles more than 60 major digital products for our clients. It goes without saying that it becomes necessary to put in place some rituals to promote exchange and highlight the good work of our teams.

Inspired by our Agile practices, our teams have established a monthly “demo” during which all company members meet at our Quebec or Montreal offices, in person or virtually. This demo is a perfect opportunity to discuss the progress of some projects, share good practices, and highlight challenges overcome.

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so what better than a demo to boast our work to our colleagues! 👩‍💻

How does it work?

During these meetings, the development teams present the latest developments in digital product development, as well as the challenges they have encountered. These demos can take the form of projected UX/UI mockups on screen, explained code snippets or a functionality presented to everyone. It should not be forgotten that all other Libéo team members are also invited to share the progress of the last month (sales, marketing, human resources, designer, etc.)

How is it going?

These meetings take place at our Quebec or Montreal offices, but some participate remotely.

Why are we doing this?

  • Seeing each other in person for a few hours is good for us.
  • These internal meetings foster exchange and pride in the work accomplished.
  • They also provide opportunities to exchange ideas and share knowledge and skills to improve the quality of developed products.
  • Taking the time to explain the challenges, innovations, failures and successes is also a great advantage of our product demos.
  • Since the work teams are distinct at Libéo, it is interesting to see how and on what types of projects other teams work on a daily basis.
  • Monthly demos provide a great opportunity to exchange on the latest trends and best practices in the digital field.

In summary, you will understand that we are looking forward to the next monthly demo! We would not want to miss such an opportunity to see each other, have fun, and share our pride in working on our clients’ digital products.

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