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blogue | Life at Libeo | A look back at a lively Town Hall

A look back at a lively Town Hall

Although Libéo offers a flexible work-from-home arrangement, we also like to see our people in real life—not just on a computer screen.
Photo de Édouard Grondin-Fortin
Édouard Grondin-Fortin
3 min
27 Sep, 2021
Le Town Hall de Libéo au Terminal de croisières de Québec (Photo: Kendra Bédard)

The Town Hall, a quarterly tradition

Every quarter, all of Libéo’s employees come together for our popular Town Hall. This type of meeting is part of the EOS methodology we adopted at Libéo in 2017. It gives us an opportunity to review the goals for that quarter, ensure the entire company is aligned with our vision and set our sights on new challenges for the upcoming quarter. After 18 months of holding this event remotely, we were finally able to get together in person and, in honour of the occasion, we rented the Cruise Terminal in Quebec City to host all the employees! It was important for us to get the team together, catch up and get back to normal. Although Libéo offers a flexible work-from-home arrangement, we also like to see our people in real life—not just on a computer screen.

An inspiring “why”

Krystina listens carefully… (Photo : Libéo)

Over the past year, we have revised several parts of our corporate vision to align them even more closely with our ambitions to become Canada’s next technology powerhouse and to be consistently ranked in the Top 10 best employers in Canada. However, we still had to think about our “why”—in other words, our raison d’être—as it didn’t seem to be totally aligned with our vision or, even more importantly, our hearts. This year, on Libéo’s 25th anniversary, my partner Alexandre Limoges and I decided to figure out the underlying reason why we enjoy working at Libéo so much, even after so many years. So what do the following have in common: the early days of the internet in the ’90s, the UX in the early 2000s, the rise of open source and the people who have walked through the door at Libéo in the last 25 years? The answer is their potential. For 25 years, Libéo has been unlocking the full potential of digital technology in Quebec. But that’s not all. We have also been unlocking the potential of our employees, our customers’ ideas, their businesses, Quebec’s digital ecosystem and the world of open source technology. It was such a revelation and we couldn’t wait to tell our colleagues!

An acquisition with loads of potential

Libéo accueille Rum&Code

From left to right: Joé Bussière, president of Libéo, Alexandre Limoges, business & partnerships director of Libéo, Ian Bussières, general manager of Rum&Code, Félix-Antoine Huard, communications and marketing director of Rum&Code, Caroline Pageau, general manager of Libéo, and Alexis Huard, product director of Rum&Code. (Photo: Libeo)

Speaking of potential, we also seized the opportunity to announce the acquisition of a majority share in Rum&Code. The company is well established in Shawinigan and as I mentioned on LinkedIn, its team of custom software experts is a perfect fit for Libéo both in terms of entrepreneurship and values.

The acquisition is part of our vision: to unlock the full potential of entrepreneurs and digital technology throughout Quebec. We see Libéo as a platform or framework that will help this young startup to reach the full height its ambitions and talents.

An employer of choice

Caroline Pageau et Jean-Philippe Auclair

Caroline Pageau, General Manager, and Jean-Philippe Auclair, Innovation and Technology Director. (Photo: Libeo)

Libéo tirelessly works toward being a better employer that is able to unleash the full potential of its employees. As they do every quarter, our Executive Director Caroline Pageau and other members of the Executive Committee reviewed several new initiatives aimed at making our employees even happier. On the agenda were more paid vacations and meals for all our offices in Quebec. We like to make life easier for our employees!

An evening of firsts

Jean-Philippe Auclair, Technology and Innovation Director, and Valérie Lavoie, Operations and Strategy Director, are preparing to receive their guests! (Photo: Libeo)

The reality of the past year meant that this was not only the first Town Hall for many employees but also their first time meeting their colleagues, some of whom travelled hundreds of miles to attend the event. We may be techies who work in the digital world, but we still really enjoy meeting in person and chatting over a meal (and a drink). Of course, there was also our popular musical bingo and our special quiz for the 25th anniversary of Libéo and it was all really nice to see! I would also like to take this opportunity to repeat how grateful I am to have such a dedicated and talented team. The last two years have been particularly challenging and have required the entire team to make sacrifices and adapt. It’s truly an honour to work with you on a daily basis and I would like to thank each and every one of you for choosing Libéo to unlock your full potential. — Joé

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