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blogue | Digital News | The Rebon numérique program: Rebound with IT retraining

The Rebon numérique program: Rebound with IT retraining

To combat the significant shortage of information technology (IT) workers, the Rebon numérique (digital rebound) program offers a different approach to teaching.
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29 Jun, 2021
formation rebon cégep de sainte-foy automne 2021
formation rebon cégep de sainte-foy automne 2021

It’s no secret that Quebec has a huge shortage of qualified workers in the digital sector. Last we heard, the number of unfilled positions in our industry was estimated at around 10,000. “It has become a labour shortage that is impacting the economic recovery,” said Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity, last May. The shortage is so great that the government plans to inject $40 million in the short term to promote careers in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. The urgency of the situation explains the arrival of new teaching approaches that are adapted to the realities of the market. We’ve already told you about Quebec 42 and its accelerated program to train a new generation of professional programmers. Today, we’ll take a look at the Rebon numérique program offered at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy.

So what is the Rebon numérique program?

Developed in collaboration with the Cégep de Chicoutimi, Rebon numérique is a short and innovative training program that redirects people towards digital professions. “We want to offer training that is adapted to people who have atypical backgrounds or academic difficulties and who are interested in digital professions but don’t fit into the traditional educational avenues” —Pierre-Luc Bonneville, Assistant Director of Continuing Education and Business Services, Cégep de Sainte-Foy. The program is divided into two distinct pathways. The Initiation pathway is spread over four weeks and introduces interested individuals to the digital world. They will be asked to test their interest in working in a digital profession and determine whether they have the potential and skills to go further. The Career pathway offers two practical training sessions that last seven months and quickly pairs students with an employer. The end of the program includes a one-month internship in a company. Students will have to choose one of two available profiles:

  • The Development profile is an introduction to the field of programming in the context of applications and websites that leads to creating a simple transactional webpage.
  • The Infrastructure profile focuses on developing knowledge in the context of networking and computer equipment. The person will be required to install, set up and configure computer resources, provide technical support and ensure data security.

Why choose Rebon numérique over a traditional training program?

Not only does it welcome atypical clients from multiple backgrounds, Rebon numérique also thrusts participants into the heat of the action. It’s not made up of lectures—instead, the approach reflects the reality of digital companies. Participants work in a collaborative workspace designed to encourage mutual support and discussion. There’s a project on the agenda and everyone has to work on it. Like Libéo, Rebon numérique employs a philosophy of Agile co-development similar to DevOps to achieve its objectives. That becomes apparent when it comes time to iterate on specific issues or during situations where identifying others’ needs is imperative. The programs are all interrelated and interdependent. Candidates are always paired with a mentor who supports them throughout their training. Although the goal isn’t to go as in-depth as a DCS in computer science would, participants obtain a skills assessment and the Rebon numérique attestation, which enables them to land a job quickly. Individuals who continue to develop their skills in the workplace can then register for the Recognition of acquired competencies (RAC) process and obtain a diploma that way. For people who have never considered an IT career, Rebon numérique is a kind of a lifeline or springboard to a better future.

Rebon numérique is attracting a lot of interest from women

Since it began accepting enrolments, Rebon numérique has been creating a buzz. Although the industry is still dominated by men, more and more women are stepping up.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that a large proportion of women have shown interest in our training program. We encourage women to register and are pleased to see that the current proportion of female students has exceeded our objective of 30%. —Pierre-Luc Bonneville

According to UNESCO, women are a minority in Industry 4.0 fields. But training programs like Rebon numérique could help reverse that trend!

Check out the official website: https://www.rebonnumerique.ca/

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