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FR + An online space to experience French


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FR + An online space to experience French FR + An online space to experience French

Our solution

An application developed with the highest standards of privacy protection

To counter the phenomenon of the omnipresence of English on the web, the main goal was to reach 1000 users in the first year, specifically targeting teenagers aged 14 to 17 in Canada.

Security and anonymity were at the heart of our project, addressing the growing concerns of young users regarding privacy protection. These combined elements make our initiative a unique proposition in its category, offering a safe, entertaining, and tailored experience to the specific needs of young people.

Innovation and Inclusion

  • Moderation platform for administrators
  • Laravel Nova
  • Automatic moderation for users
  • Creative genius
  • WCAG 2.0 AA

Building innovation: engagement, security, and accessibility at the heart of our project

We placed engagement at the forefront, creating a space where gamification and learning meet, thus capturing the attention of our young users. Security followed, with a moderation system balanced between manual and automatic interventions, ensuring a safe environment for all. Finally, accessibility was carefully integrated, adhering to WCAG 2.0 AA standards to ensure smooth and inclusive navigation. This trio of engagement, security, and accessibility forms the core of our project, ensuring to provide a enriching and accessible experience to every user.

Gamification transforms learning French into a captivating adventure for young people.

An application developed with the highest standards of privacy protection.

Shaping goals carefully to captivate the unique passions of each individual, ensuring resonance with users.

An explosive growth of 50% beyond our initial goal, with 1500 budding linguists registered after the first year.

This performance is far from being just a number; it reflects a real enthusiasm. Our users do not just visit the platform; they live it, energize it with a fizz of comments, reactions, and events. Each interaction confirms that FR+ has become a privileged space where French flourishes, making our vision a vibrant reality.

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