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Reinventing the digital scene


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Reinventing the digital scene Reinventing the digital scene

In the heart of the Capitale-Nationale and the Montcalm district

The Grand Théâtre de Québec, located on René-Lévesque Boulevard East, is a cornerstone in the Canadian cultural world. Faced with a growing need for digital modernization, the Grand Théâtre, in collaboration with Libéo and under the leadership of Jean-François Ermel, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Customer Experience, undertook a major overhaul of its web platform. This ambitious project aimed to enhance the online experience not only for Quebecers but also for a broader audience beyond the city of Québec.

Our solution

A redesign based on data, user input, and the implementation of strategic workshops.

The redesign was a true co-creation effort with the team from the Grand Théâtre de Québec. We organized a series of user-centered workshops to optimize their experience. These workshops allowed us to delve into the heart of the needs and expectations of visitors, whether they are from Québec, Montréal, or other regions.

The platform reflects the soul and history of the Grand Théâtre, while offering a personalized user experience. Visitors can subscribe to the Grand Théâtre’s newsletter to stay informed about the latest news, such as performances by genre or productions from STUDIOTELUS.


  • Framework Django
  • Integration with advanced ticketing systems
  • Optimization for local SEO

Enhancing user experience through intuitive design

Framework Django: Chosen for its robustness and flexibility, Django manages dynamic and complex content, essential for a bilingual site in French and English, reflecting Canada’s cultural diversity. Integration with Advanced Ticketing Systems: Ticketing systems have been integrated to simplify ticket purchases, enabling easy seat selection in venues like the Louis-Fréchette Hall or the Octave-Crémazie Hall. Optimization for Local SEO: Special emphasis was placed on local SEO to enhance the online visibility of the Grand Théâtre in Québec, Montréal, and the Capitale-Nationale Region.

The show pages offer flexibility to the webmaster to add various types of content to introduce the artist to users. Without leaving the site, users can explore the artist ‘s world through Spotify, videos, social media, and more.

The smart filters on the Grand Théâtre de Québec’s website enable quick sorting by categories such as song, comedy, theater, and more, making it easier to discover events. This feature simplifies the search, providing everyone with a tailored experience.

The implementation of simplified modals aims to offer the fastest, most accurate, and fairest experience to all users.


The redesign had a profound impact on the Grand Théâtre de Québec. The bounce rate decreased by more than 50%, while online revenue increased by over 1000%.

Today, the performance halls, including the famous Louis-Fréchette Hall, are now almost exclusively filled through online bookings, testifying to the success of this digital transformation.


The redesign of the Grand Théâtre de Québec’s web platform by Libéo, in collaboration with Jean-François Ermel’s team, has revolutionized the online user experience and strengthened the theater’s position as a major cultural hub in Canada. This project, touching the hearts of performing arts enthusiasts in Québec, Montréal, and beyond, highlights the importance of a user-centered approach and the use of advanced technologies to transform the digital interaction of a cultural institution.

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