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Brokers ensuring you get the most accurate price


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Brokers ensuring you get the most accurate price Brokers ensuring you get the most accurate price

Our solution

A digital ecosystem integrating two products.

To reach this decision, we conducted a series of workshops, monitoring activities, and research to master the insurance domain and understand the needs of clients, whether potential, existing, or internal like the web editor.

We first launched a new website in line with the new brand image. In parallel, we developed a form platform connected to various APIs to quickly mitigate project risks. We gathered valuable user insights to create a durable product centered on their needs.

Our solution now generates qualified leads, showcases Telio’s new brand image, optimizes user experience, and improves the collection of information from potential clients.

This approach allowed us to seamlessly integrate SEO audits, user testing, ergonomic assessments, icon creation, and web artistic direction.

Technologies used

The most pleasant insurance form to fill out

Technologies Used:
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Integration with the candidate management system – Folks HR
  • Post Hub – Analytics
These technologies enabled us to create a user experience that humanizes the service. Our approach stands out for its fluidity, friendliness, and vibrant colors, making the process enjoyable and engaging.

We showcased Télio’s brokerage expertise by integrating key elements of their know-how.

Enhance service discoverability through an exhaustive SEO audit.

Integration of Télio’s new brand identity across its digital platforms.

Contact us

At Libeo, our passion for digital innovation aligns seamlessly with our love for human relationships. We look forward to meeting you, whether in one of our offices or via teleconference. Feel free to contact us to connect, share, and build together. See you soon!

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