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A virtual campus to support Quebec entrepreneurs




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A virtual campus to support Quebec entrepreneurs A virtual campus to support Quebec entrepreneurs


The Quebec School of Entrepreneurs is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose mission is to support Quebec entrepreneurs in developing their skills on an accessible, innovative, and collaborative learning platform. Over its 35 years of existence, the QSE has developed 8 regional campuses throughout Quebec.


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many sectors in Canada, and education was no exception. Schools and universities had to close their doors due to the requirements of the Quebec Government and turn to online learning to continue offering services to their students. The Quebec School of Entrepreneurs (QSE) was able to face this situation and enhance its service by seeking help from Libéo.


The offices of Libéo in Montreal and Quebec were tasked with digitizing the QSE’s services to allow entrepreneurs to continue their training, despite the closures related to the pandemic. This was a major project that had to be completed in just a few months.

Our solution

A tailor-made online training platform from A to Z.

Transforming an economic model and digitizing an entire learning experience is a complex challenge that involves many different aspects.

A web application meeting the training needs of Quebec entrepreneurs, accompanied by an easy-to-use, efficient, and intuitive interface that supports them for a few hours of workshops or during a specific program spanning several months.

Develop an easy-to-use platform.
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Creation of intuitive interfaces.
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Ensuring sustainable and efficient administration.
Adapting to the specific needs of each user.

Workshops at the heart of our development.

Co-creation workshops are particularly important in the custom development process. They bring together various project stakeholders (developers, designers, end-users, etc.) to collaboratively design solutions that best meet user needs.

Centering the product on users

By conducting user-centered workshops, we can engage in selective data collection and identify what is truly important. By bringing together the skills and perspectives of everyone involved, workshops generate innovative ideas and more effective solutions. This enables us to quickly work on both the form and the content. Furthermore, co-creation workshops encourage active participation from end-users from the early stages of the project.

Through Stripe, addition of an e-commerce feature to make the training directory publicly accessible to everyone.

Creation of interactive charts and visuals for entrepreneurs to track the development of their skills.

Engaging and dynamic onboarding process to assist entrepreneurs in completing a skills diagnostic.

Personalized and customizable calendar to stay updated on upcoming events and training sessions.

Find everything about the workshop in just one click: join the session, check the details, add it to your personal calendar, and more.

Synchronization of multiple calendars to make scheduling appointments with a coach for guidance directly available through the platform.

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At Libéo, our enthusiasm for digital innovation perfectly complements our love for human relationships. We’re eager to meet you, whether it’s at one of our offices or during a virtual meeting. Feel free to reach out to us to exchange ideas, share insights, and collaborate together. See you soon!

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