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The joy of learning while having fun




The joy of learning while having fun The joy of learning while having fun

Our solution

Where digital fits into the world of French-speaking pedagogy

To launch this project, Groupe Média TFO had previously thought about the story it wanted to tell through its tailor-made application, as well as certain key elements, such as the famous raccoon mascot. Our team therefore arrived to bring this project to life. We worked hand in hand with the screenwriter who monitored the integration of the story into the application.

Since its launch, the Boukili application has attracted many parents. The application has now been downloaded thousands of times and has allowed TFO to establish itself strongly and sustainably in the Ontario educational landscape.


  • Meteor (mobile and web app)
  • Google Firebase

A solid foundation for the future

The Boukili application is based on solid technologies, we decided to use Meteor for the redesign. Meteor is an open-source JavaScript framework based on Node.js. It is thus possible to generate mobile and Web applications from the same common development core. This framework makes it possible to create hybrid applications and, of course, to integrate notification systems for different devices. We also developed a content manager (CMS) so that managing books on the platform is simple for TFO.

An interface dedicated to teachers and the progress of their students

Assign readings to children, monitor their progress by accompanying them at each step

Notifications to follow developments in the platform and new features


Boukili is an application supporting French-speaking pedagogy which continues to impress several years after the release of its version 1.0. Update 2.0 changed the shape of the project by relying on recent technology. This is a convincing example of evolution after a successful launch.

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