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Rethink public transportation in the digital age



Rethink public transportation in the digital age Rethink public transportation in the digital age


The RTC used various platforms to inform its customers: a website, a mobile site, a mobile app, information screens, bus stop kiosks, and text messaging.

Due to the rapid migration of most customers to mobile tools, the RTC aimed to standardize the information across these platforms to meet user expectations, regardless of the tool used.

The mandate involved redesigning the RTC’s management systems, requiring the development of a complex, responsive web platform adapted to all types of devices and screens.

Our solution

Leverage experience through technologies & offer simple integration with other systems.

In order to meet the technological needs of the RTC, we have implemented the innovative content management system (CMS ) Drupal.

It was essential that RTC’s next content management system be able to provide simple integration with other systems in the organization. Drupal is a solution that allows you to adequately respond to this type of challenge thanks to its numerous APIs, including the one that allows you to build RESTful Web services.

Then, the Nomade mobile app

Bringing an ecosystem to life

Now that the overhaul of the content management system had been completed, it was necessary to upgrade the RTC mobile application; Nomade. Connecting to the multiple APIs implemented during the web site redesign, the Nomade application can now:

  • Integrate all Flexibus zones
  • Send notifications when changes or disruptions occur
  • Offer better ergonomics to improve the user experience

Link Google Maps to optimize your route

Integration of a graphic and color code to facilitate user understanding

Interactive map to easily locate points of sale

Proposer des pistes d’amélioration ergonomique
Icon / Cogs
Intégration des systèmes et modules applications du RTC
Icon / Bulb
Révision entière de l’architecture d’information du site
Créer une transition harmonieuse du design système du RTC


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